Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hedgehog Birthday Card

This little hedgehog was my first attempt at paper embroidery with more than just a line.
I wanted something cool for my step-daughters birthday because she was a New Year baby. (Now she is the mother of three. )
It proved to be a bit more time consuming than I expected but I am pleased with the final result. The background was a recycled card.
I am going to post another card just to show the first paper embroidery I did.
This is so much fun but since my cattarract surgery isn't until Oct. 2010 I find it hard to do. Hope when the surgery is done I will be able to see really well and can get back to the intricate paper embroidery.
Have a Blessed day.


Wynne said...

I just loved this card - but then I love all your cards and as I have been the lucky recipient of many of them over the years(and your friendship too) I feel very fortunate!
Keep up the good work!!!

Beth said...

Myrna this is so lovely and I know your step daughter will love it, hope your cataract surgery in Oct sorry you have to wait so long though.