Friday, January 28, 2011

Batenburg lace and butterfly

I am so excited about a new die cut that I got. It is called Creatables and it is a UK company that produces it. Stampers in Victoria, B.C. Canada carries them.
I will probably post several variations of the batenburg lace and butterfly in different cards for the next few posts. lol There is also a little flower that came with the batenburg lace and it cuts so nicely in velum. So be pre-warned. lol
I decided that the card I wanted to make would have several different textures.
I had some grey shiny textured homemade paper (not by me) which became the base of my card. Next came another textured layer. The battenburg lace was cut from another textured piece of the homemade paper. The pattern was a little different. Then came the gorgeous butterfly and it was a shiny smooth silver cardstock.
The lace along the edge is a metallic lace from my stash around the house that never got onto anything. After I took the picture the lace kept falling off so I just added a heart shaped brad to the top and bottom. Added a liner in the envelope from the textured base paper.
So that's it for me.
Have a Blessed day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I received an award

I received this Award from my lovely blogger friend Beth at Nanas Memories and More. Thank you Beth. Now I need to tell you 8 things about myself and pass it on to 8 people.
OK so here goes:
1. I love reading.
2. I love walking in the rain and snow. (providing it is gentle rain and gentle falling snow )
3. I love frilly things but NOT in my home or on me.
4. My family lives far away so it is just me, my husband and our very old (20years) cat.
5. I strive to continue learning which sometimes really pushes me.
6. I enjoy baking and am not too keen on cooking, although I have been a semi-professional cook.
7. I like to decorate cakes for special people or occasions.
8. I enjoy doing word puzzles, not crossword.
Now I would like to send this most prestigious award to 8 people. These are such wonderful ladies with such wonderful hearts for sharing their beautiful talents.

Cheryl Ann

Male birthday card, train and bear

This cute little train was an svg from Cheryl Ann at and I just couldn't resist making it.
It is for a young man (our grandson) and even though he is 22 years old I am sure with his sense of humour he will love it. The bear represents a bear I bought for him when he was born and "Mr. Bear" (and his children) have travelled to many places in Canada and United States, sometimes with Eric and sometimes with just us. But now he lives with Eric and I think he will have to start his journey with Eric now.
The train is something to represent travel which Eric did a lot of with us when he was small.
1. The blue sky is from a perfume box and run through the Cuttlebug using Tim Holtz Sizzix Rays.
2. The green grass is cardstock and run through the CB using, I believe, bird on a reed or something like that from CB.
3. The red hearts are fun foam and the teddy bear is a peel off from (where else?) the Dollar Store.
So that's it for me.
Have a Blessed day.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This card's for U, Beth

This card today is for my cyber friend Beth, whom I have never met but who supports and encourages me and gives me gentle nudges when I falter. Thanks, Beth.
You can find this lovely lady at Nana's Memories and More. This card started with a white card base covered with silver cardstock scored in diamonds on the Martha Stewart scorepal. The diamond scored silver paper has a backing from another site that excited me so much. It was a tut on "better than pop dots" by Creations by Christie. What a great use of fun foam and so much nicer and more polished than pop dots. You will find it here
Beth, notice the play on your last name?
Have a Blessed day.