Saturday, January 16, 2010

Explosion Boxes

These are the explosion boxes I made for my grandkids Christmas. Each box opens up to have several pages. Sorry I should have opened one to show you. They were filled with $5 bills behind each partition so that when they were opened the money sort of "exploded" into their laps. They all opened them at once and it was great fun to hear the different ooohs and aaaws. I guess they are actually picture albums but I ran out of time and so was unable to choose pictures for each box. However, that will give the grandchildren something to do. lol
I definitely need to give credit to the gals from the Cuttlebug Challenge from Christmas but I can't remember who I got the ideas from. So I hope it is o.k. just to say thanks to them all.
Have a Blessed day.

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Beth said...

Oh Myrna I love explosion boxes and yours are so pretty I would have loved to see the look on your grandchildren faces when those 5's started popping out at them.