Monday, January 28, 2013

Last few pictures of the Craft Room cleanup


I am having such a time with blogger so since I don't feel like trying to figure it out at this point I am going to keep my fingers crossed that this will come out with both pictures and text. This is the last part of the Craft Room cleanup. The sleigh, the bendy card with Seasons Greetings, and the Thank you card are svgs from
The man birthday card and Valentine card with book mark are from free download cards and there is nothing of my originality on them. lol
I printed them so I could use the pattern.
The POTD is reduced to the box on the right of the picture. The binder is how I keep all my little scraps. It sits on the floor under my table so that all the bits and pieces can go into it straight away and (hopefully) not collect on the desk anymore. Each page is color coded.  It sits right next to the waste paper basket.  lol
Starting this week I hope to have a couple more new cards done. Life gets in the way at my house for sure.
Juliet, I wonder what your sharp eye will see?  I inserted something just for you.  tee hee
Have a Blessed day.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

POTD no more and a couple of cards-- WARNING: LONG POST

You have heard me talk about the POTD so often and also how I am going to tidy up the Craft Room and here are the before and after pics.
Here are 2 of the cards that resulted from the cleanup; there are more but that is for another day. 
I used to make those fancy baskets full of treats for special occasions.  I had 2 rolls of the clear acetate left and they each were in the Valentine theme.  I cut a piece of each and affixed it to plain white card stock.  Embellished them with different hearts that were in the POTD.
In the middle on the floor you will see my bottle of GooGone and paper towel.  I keep it right handy because it cleans up the scissors and exacto knife, and anything else that gets sticky from all the adhesive that gums them up.
Each box now has a label, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, etc. with stickers and things in them that pertain to that holiday. 
The tiny cardstock scraps are in a binder with pages that open from the top and they are in color order.
The POTD  is now confined to a small box and each unfinished card is in a zip lock bag (bought at the Dollar Store).
All my fancy cardstock is flat on the left hand shelf.  The plain cheaper cardstock is in the white cube.  I saw an idea today for cardstock storage so will rearrange the white cube at a later date.
On the left hand side of my desk are a couple of projects that will be finished this week. 
In my next post I will show you the binder I use for tiny pieces of cardstock that I use for labels and sentiments rather than cutting into a new sheet.  Also the box with the new POTD which I may just have to rename since it no longer is a pile on the desk.  lol 
 Juliet from has a SOTF (slid onto the floor) pile and she made a gorgeous card from hers.
The green bench in the foreground has 2 shelves on the other side and I store my cutter, MS score board and ScorPal there so they are within reach.  Also the bench makes a good place for perching when I get company.  One side is open and the other is enclosed so what is in the shelves is not visible.
Thanks for stopping by and listening to my very long rant.
Have a Blessed day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bird and basket of flowers

Blogger is really giving me a hard time uploading photos. Either I get the photo and all print is underlined and in blue ink or I get nothing. I don't have the time today to figure it out so will post it however they put it up for me. This is a birthday card for my sister in law. The tryptych card is from Mirkwood Designs. The grass is from the Cricut cart Plantin Schoolbook. The birds are a SU punch. All else is from my P.O.T.D. (pile on the desk) and computer generated. In order to see the sentiment you might have to click on the pictures.
Have a Blessed day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

P.O.T.D. card with a fairy and flowers

I have been cleaning up the Craft Cave and in order to do that I moved all the bits and pieces onto my kitchen table for sorting.  My neighbor came over and as we sat at the table she started to fiddle with the bits and pieces.  This is the result of our combined effort. The snowflake cutout was  an attempt at making my own window cards with Cricut.  The fairy pic is just a fairy from the computer.  The little flowers were leftovers.  A little snippet of lace and a little snippet of border. 
Blogger is giving me trouble so rather than waste time (that could be put to good use crafting) I am just going to leave the post the way it is.
Have a Blessed day.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

This one is for Beth A. and a Cuttlebug tip

I think I might just have to change the name of my blog to The Sporadic Cardmaker/Blogger.  I just don't seem to be able to get in the swing of it anymore in a timely manner.
However, this post is because I want to mention a wonderful blog that I follow.  Beth is a lovely lady and does great work.  She also has tutorials that are so helpful and so easy to follow.  It would be nice if you could drop in on her and leave some love
Today I also tried a simple method of flattening my Cuttlebug plate that was badly warped.
 Start oven at 325 degrees.
 Wrap plate in one layer of tin foil.
 Place on flat cookie sheet and lay another heavy one on top (the heavier the better).  Allow to "bake" for 30 minutes.  I used my pizza stone for the upper weight.  Also I am told you should have lots of ventilation as plastic may give off toxic fumes.  I just opened my kitchen door.
  Remove from oven with oven mitts or pot holders.  It will be VERY hot.  Let cool and voila, there is a flat plate.
As usual I took this from one of the other bloggers and did not write it down.  If you were the person I "stole" this idea from please let me know and I will give you credit.
I had wanted to share a card but if I wait on that to happen it may be awhile so I decided to just post this for now.
Have a Blessed day.