Sunday, November 6, 2011

Second post today Thank you card

I thought I might be able to use my Cricut and Amy Chomos pens to make the sentiment on this card. So I set out to learn something new and imported the saying into the Cricut.
I printed some sheet music and printed the sentiment on that instead of cutting. The background is black cardstock, then some dollar store grey cardstock I have had on hand. Cut out the music note on the Cricut. Popped it up with pop dots. The music is printed on a soft shade of grey but the camera didn't pick the grey up very well. Tied a bow and that was it.
Inside the card is another music note and I lined the envelope with some of the same grey used as the grey mat.
Learning how to import into the Cricut sounds fairly easy but it took me quite awhile to figure it out. But now I have a whole new way of doing sentiments and they might just look a little bit professional. lol
Have a Blessed day.


Sheree said...

Wow!!! This is incredible Myrna!! I love everything about it and you have inspired me to start using my cricut again. I am still a newbie to the thing so am wondering if you mean CUT filess that you import or if its something different.
Regardless.... This is a WOW! card!

Gail said...

Great job!
Perfect card! Love anything musical...not that I am, just have a thing for musical paper, brads, etc.!
And may I just say, I SO look forward to your word verification thingy!
I've got some doozies!

angelin said...

Absolutely Fantastic .

Dr Sonia S V said...

Myrna the musical note looks so gorgeous !


Juliet A said...

This is a perfect little card! it looks so sophisticated with the black and white scheme.

Sheree said...

I am back having another look at this fabulous card Myrna! If I win the lottery tomorrow or Saturday... I will be driving out in my new $500,000 motorhome that will have a custom scrap room! Am looking forward to playing with paper, the Cricut, Gail and you!!
Dont worry about crummy weather. I will make sure I have chains on board!