Friday, November 25, 2011

Fans, butterflies and accordian flowers

I have been reading about using some of the paper we have been saving for a "special" card. I decided that every card is special.
This is a 12" by 12" piece of gorgeous cardstock by Forever in Time. I cut only a small portion of it to make this card. There are gorgeous swirls and flowers on the other 3/4 of it. They will become another card very soon.
The fan is made from a CD cut in half and then very carefully popped into the micro between several layers of paper towel for only 5 seconds. It popped and crackled but the result was this gorgeous crackle effect. (the paper towel had burn marks on it so be very careful and watch it). My friends husband cut the CD's for me. I believe he used a chop saw. The center of the accordian flower is a piece of bling I found among my stash. Pretty isn't it?
The camera picks up multi colors but in real life it is silver with soft brown cracks in it. Again, clicking on the photo shows the detail of the DP.
Have a Blessed day.
P.S. In my Frosty post (which came in two parts) I forgot to mention that I stole the card idea from my friend Gail at What's Normal. Thanks Gail.


Gail said...

How cool is that!
P.S. Thanks! ;)

Curt in Carmel said...

Great Asian feel to this one. What an interesting idea to stick a CD into a microwave. Always makes me wonder how people first decided that that would be a good thing. . .LOL Best, Curt