Sunday, November 28, 2010

The "Cat Scanner" at work and a tip

I wanted to share the reason that making cards becomes a bit dicey at my house. Her name is Shadow and that is exactly what she does. If I am on the computer she is right in front of it. This is part of my work table where I put my cards together. My chair becomes fair game if I leave it and so she actually has her own steno chair but mine is more comfortable. lol
OK back to making cards. I have a little tip that I would like to share. If you, your cat, or your work table get covered with all that wonderful glitter just take your swiffer duster and whisk away. Gets rid of it and no one goes to work glittering like a Christmas tree!! :) or trailing it all over the whole house.
Have a Blessed day.


mudmaven said...

She is a cutie though! My Maude is the same way. The arms of my desk chair are all of about two inches, but somehow she manages to fit her (very wide) bottom on that arm and leans against me until I pet her. What would we do without them though. Thanks for the tip too! ~chris

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Boy, she makes a perfect black silhouette....I'm sure she's a lot of company when she's not trying to help you....haha