Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Wedding Cake


This is one of the wedding cakes I have made. It was made for a neighbour of ours.

I love using fresh flowers for cakes. I especially think orchids are so gorgeous. The bridesmaid dresses were the same color as was on the cake. When I make a wedding cake I usually make another cake which I call "the fun cake". It usually is a carrot cake and depicts things about the bride and groom that are fun or humorous. I will post that one in the next post. This cake was chocolate and I mean chocolate!!!
Have a Blessed day.


mudmaven said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors and I'll be the happy couple was delighted with it. ~chris

Beth said...

This is so beautiful Myrna you have quite a talent there decorating cakes love the orchids and that topper is to sweet.

Beth Norman said...

Holy smokes, what talent you have!!