Monday, February 15, 2010

Silver butterfly and flower embroidery on paper


Time is relentless !! It just keeps marching on.
Here I am again and it doesn't seem such a long time ago since I posted but it has been.

This is one of my favorites. It is silver embroidery on dark paper with a lovely background from Jak Heath. (Jak Heath has a great site and some lovely freebies. Take some time and go on over to visit. ) The antenae and body of the butterfly are just clear beads.
Hope you enjoyed my card.
Have a Blessed day.


mudmaven said...

This is absolutely stunning Myrna! Love the delicate detail. ~chris

Beth said...

Love love love it Myrna butterflies are one of my favorite things next to flowers so you have my favorite combo beautiful my friend.

Bee Burg said...

Oh WAOW!!!! How do you make those!!? I would just end up with a big thread mess on my paper! You have quite a gift there! :-)