Friday, February 19, 2010

Spackling technique


This is the "culprit" that got me into blogging.

I was just surfing around looking at cards on the net and came across this tutorial by Rosemary from Creative Liberties. For some reason I was not able to comprehend that she used a stencil.

I then spotted Beth's blog, Nana's Memories and More and sent her an e-mail and she walked me through Rosemary's tutorial. (for some reason I was not able to see Rosemary's e-mail address).

I did not have a copper stencil so I used the alphabet and number stencil from a childs school supplies. I had some spackle just hanging around from a repair project in the house. The apple was from beautiful paper that Purdy chocolates were wrapped in and rounded on a pencil and attached with a pop up. The frame was taken from the internet and copied onto photo paper. The background paper was in a bundle of homemade paper from a discount store called Bianca's. What a find for me amongst all the stuff they had there. Not craft stuff either.

So through meeting Rosemary and Beth this way my blogging was born and some lovely friendships were formed.

Have a Blessed day.


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