Monday, March 23, 2015

Halloween Easel card 2014

After I posted the card from 2015 February and March's birthday party at Jim's residence I went looking on my blog for the other paper napkin cards I have made and realized they never got from the camera to the blog.  So here is one of them.  The technique for fusing the napkin on the cardstock is pretty simple but I have found you need to use the good cling wrap as the edges do tend to curl up after awhile so using a border seems to hold them down.  Also some napkins are 2 ply and some are 3 so they need to be pulled apart very carefully to make sure all layers come off.  There are a lot of how-to's on You Tube.
Hope no one minds a Halloween card in spring.  lol
Have a blessed day.


Jackie said...

Hallowe'en in Spring is no worse that Christmas cards all year round LOL.
Fabulous card :o)
Jackie xx

Shirley said...

Great card Myrna. I didn't know about this technique so something new for me to try.

Beth said...

Myrna this is so cute and don't you just love that napkin technique, haven't done that one in a while but have a draw full of napkins for it. lol.

Beth Norman said...

I love your napkin card. It's a technique I've never tried. Though recently I saw it done on someone's blog and I swore I was going to try it but just never find the time.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I think these are amazing and haven't tried the technique yet, but I'm saving your post for future reference...just toooo cool!

Gail said...

How'd I miss this!
I LOVE Halloween!