Monday, March 23, 2015

February and March Birthday Walden Heights

Oh yes, I know it has been a very long time since I have made and/or posted a card.  I really am trying to get back to doing this but, for some reason, it is not going as well as I had hoped.
Walden Heights Age Care facility, where my husband lives now, has a birthday party once a month. Due to illness they had to cancel February so the two months were celebrated together.
They often have live music and dancing etc..  They also have cake and juice.  This is the napkin that the birthday people receive with their cake.  I fused it onto card stock and since it seems to be the rage right now I made this into a shaker card with little music notes.
Since round or oval shapes are hard to place the pop dots around I used fun foam and cut out the shape and attached everything with my Xyron.  Works slick without too much fuss trying to get the sticky pop dots just right.  Plus, the fun foam has no sticky edges for the little music notes to stick to or get loose.  The envelope is pretty big but since I will hand deliver it I didn't worry about making it smaller to fit the card.  :)
Have a blessed day.


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Wow...for your first card back you did QUITE a BIT. I've never fused. I have a very small Xyron and think I should try a little shaker card because even though I use the fun foam, my shaky things still stick badly to the edges. I must try. Love the card and very very clever. Guess I need to go to You Tube and see how this is done. (PS...since you are in Canada there is no telling when you will get my card.)

Gail said...

Look at you go!!
I've got another shaker card on the go, it'll be a 're-do'!
Good job! Fun card!

Jackie said...

Very colourful card, worth the long wait :o)
Jackie xx

Juliet A said...

very clever, to use the balloon shape for the shaker! I think your fun foam idea is a solid one - I never thought to use my xyron for that!

Beth said...

girlfriend this is a fabulous card and I just love how you incorporated the shaker into it...also am going to try your technique with the fun foam I always seemed to have leaks in my shakers.