Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Butterflies and swirls

Here is a beautiful design by and I have done it again.  I thought it was by YorkieMom but when I went back to her site I could not find it.  So if this is your design please let me know and I will give you the credit.  It is such a beautiful design and cuts so nicely on the Silhouette Cameo.  The back ground paper is egg plant.  All the jewels are from the Dollar Store.
I have no idea how the card got turned sideways and also have no idea how to straighten it out.  As I have said before, new camera, old brain.
Have a Blessed day.


Jackie said...

You are right, it's a beautiful design, love the colour combo :o)
Jackie xx

Alice said...

Just beautiful!! I love anything with butterflies and you nailed it. I'm going to be looking for this design to cut.

Juliet A said...

The jewels make it look so luxurious and expensive! Who would think they are dollar store finds?

Gail said...

This is great! Love the $ store swirls!

Beth said...

love those colors my friend and the use of that die cut is gorgeous beautiful card.