Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trying three new things and a stag

Have you ever looked at a piece of dp and decided you didn't like it?  That is what happened here.
I had this striped paper in a pack and didn't like it so thought I would practice making an envelope from it.  When I had an envelope made it laid on the desk and it kept drawing my eye so I finally looked at the P.O.T.D. and saw my first attempt at combining a style of two ladies that I admire.  I laid it on the envelope and thought hmmm that might work. The card and stag are all watercolor paper.
 Now Juliet at is the inspiration for a printed mat; since I seem to only use plain matting.
The feathered picture is inspired by Jackie at
Of course, I am no where near her gorgeous work.
The border is inspired by Chrissy at
These three ladies have inspired me so often to step out of my comfort zone and stretched my learning curve.  Thank you to you all.
This is the envelope that inspired it all.  The colors are shades of rust and not pink.

Have a Blessed day.


Gail said...

Ha, that wasn't long!
Great way to use up the stash!
I'm going to have to take notes!

Juliet A said...

Your card is very elegant, and really good for a man. I don't like stripes too much myself, but I love them at a diagonal! I just am no good at getting them diagonal if they don't come that way.

chillin with Quillin said...

love the card and envelope, great for a manly card, good use of the striped paper !!!

kathi17 said...

Thanks for the inspiration Myrna. I don't like striped paper either, but I love it the way you used it. The colors are perfect for a man, and the black and white engraved looking image is perfect with the stripes.

I like the diagonal, and how the simple border, and using only black and white compliment them!

Chrissys4Cards said...

I love stripey paper and this is a very fine example of a beautiful card - love it, love it.

Jackie said...

What a beautiful card, I have a thing about stripey paper and this is fabulous. Thank you for putting a link to my blog on and for being inspired by my artwork. You are doing fine, I love your stag image :o)
Jackie xx

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Ahh yes....the paper you don't know what to do with! Yes, Jackie and her awesome photography is an inspiration to be also. I think you did a fabulous job!

Bonnie Weiss said...

A card with a matching envelope is the BOMB, Myrna! This card would be great to give as a guy card too ... nice job.

Beth Norman said...

Yes indeed I have hoards of paper I don't like and you proved it can be saved, Your paper looks wonderful. I love your matting. Off to follow your links.

Myoriah said...

Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing.