Sunday, January 27, 2013

POTD no more and a couple of cards-- WARNING: LONG POST

You have heard me talk about the POTD so often and also how I am going to tidy up the Craft Room and here are the before and after pics.
Here are 2 of the cards that resulted from the cleanup; there are more but that is for another day. 
I used to make those fancy baskets full of treats for special occasions.  I had 2 rolls of the clear acetate left and they each were in the Valentine theme.  I cut a piece of each and affixed it to plain white card stock.  Embellished them with different hearts that were in the POTD.
In the middle on the floor you will see my bottle of GooGone and paper towel.  I keep it right handy because it cleans up the scissors and exacto knife, and anything else that gets sticky from all the adhesive that gums them up.
Each box now has a label, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, etc. with stickers and things in them that pertain to that holiday. 
The tiny cardstock scraps are in a binder with pages that open from the top and they are in color order.
The POTD  is now confined to a small box and each unfinished card is in a zip lock bag (bought at the Dollar Store).
All my fancy cardstock is flat on the left hand shelf.  The plain cheaper cardstock is in the white cube.  I saw an idea today for cardstock storage so will rearrange the white cube at a later date.
On the left hand side of my desk are a couple of projects that will be finished this week. 
In my next post I will show you the binder I use for tiny pieces of cardstock that I use for labels and sentiments rather than cutting into a new sheet.  Also the box with the new POTD which I may just have to rename since it no longer is a pile on the desk.  lol 
 Juliet from has a SOTF (slid onto the floor) pile and she made a gorgeous card from hers.
The green bench in the foreground has 2 shelves on the other side and I store my cutter, MS score board and ScorPal there so they are within reach.  Also the bench makes a good place for perching when I get company.  One side is open and the other is enclosed so what is in the shelves is not visible.
Thanks for stopping by and listening to my very long rant.
Have a Blessed day.


Betty Benton said...

Wowzers! Aren't you feeling exceptionally creative now? Such a clean, efficient crafting area (can you come help me?)

Beebeebabs said...

Looking gooooooooood!!!

Jackie said...

OMG what a transformation! Lovely cards :o)
Jackie xx

angelin said...

Your Craft room looks stunning and neat ...i cant even enter mine ....toooo much of junk .
you have inspired menow .thanks.
that basket with butterfly sentiments is a great idea ...

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Thanks for your note and I returned to your post the day before. Now I get the idea...haha. I need to throw out, sell or give away stuff. I have straighten all I can do. Wonderful job on your room...looks super! Hope you find the die.

Beth said...

Wow girlfriend two more beauties you have been quite busy.

Juliet A said...

I hope you don't become afraid to mess it up by crafting more things! That is what happens to me when I clean up.

It is interesting to see what people think SOTF means. It's just Scraps On The Floor.

Beth Norman said...

Wow, what an overhaul. You did a fantastic job with the clean up. I just moved into a new stamp room and vow to keep it clean. Do you really think we have it in us to keep our rooms tidy?