Sunday, January 20, 2013

P.O.T.D. card with a fairy and flowers

I have been cleaning up the Craft Cave and in order to do that I moved all the bits and pieces onto my kitchen table for sorting.  My neighbor came over and as we sat at the table she started to fiddle with the bits and pieces.  This is the result of our combined effort. The snowflake cutout was  an attempt at making my own window cards with Cricut.  The fairy pic is just a fairy from the computer.  The little flowers were leftovers.  A little snippet of lace and a little snippet of border. 
Blogger is giving me trouble so rather than waste time (that could be put to good use crafting) I am just going to leave the post the way it is.
Have a Blessed day.


angelin said...

WOW !!You've made a lovely card with left overs ..
iv'e got to clean my craft box as well :))

Betty Benton said...

I was wondering how you made that center focal image -- sounds easy as pie!

Gail said...

Great card....did that take the POTD down any!?

Jackie said...

It's amazing what can come of a play about. A lovely card, love the window shape :o)
Jackie xx

kathi17 said...

I love the window shape and all your embellishments. They made such a cute card. It must have been great fun for both you, and your neighbor!

Beth said...

beautiful card my friend I love fairies and you did a beautiful job with this one.

Juliet A said...

I am amazed - I would never have put those color flowers with a vintage image like that, or mixed flowers with snowflakes, or any of the other very unusual things you have done here, but I really like the finished card!