Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's on my desk

This is what's on my desk today. Shadow loves this little box behind my computer screen. As you can see there are some Amy Chomos gel pens, to the right of my desk there is a few svgs cut out and my notebook where I store all the info from different blog sites and of course you can see that I was looking at all the blogs.
I know it isn't a card but that is in progress.
Have a Blessed day.


Chris Wooten said...

oh how sweet..i just caught a ferrel cat a few months ago..so now i am a cat lover...only had dogs before and did not know how much i would love cats


Tracy said...

Awwww your kitty looks cozy.
Good idea to keep blog ideas in a note book.

Betty Benton said...

Hi, Shadow! kjhadflk'kadsff

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Ahhh... a sweet little pussy cat on your desk. I went to the freecard kit link but I can't get in. I needed a username and password. i signed up and followed all directions and instructions and nothing was emailed to me like they said would happen. Do you have any other suggestions?

Beth Norman said...

Shadow is a very pretty cat. I'm sure she's well loved and spoiled.