Friday, May 14, 2010

Wha-hoo they made it


What a difference a day (7) makes!!!

These are the same tulips I posted snowy pictures of May 7th. These tulips have been growing in the same corner of my garden for 11 years now. I have dug up the poppies (that are peeking up in front of the tulips) time and time again but the tulips keep coming back. They must be as big as a saucer. They, also, must love that corner of the garden. I think because I have not separated the tulip bulbs the flowers are really not cup like as tulips should be. But they are still pretty.

I was going to post my anniversary card for my brother and his wife today but I felt it needed a post all its own. So I will post it tomorrow.

Have a Blessed day.


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mudmaven said...

Oh Myrna they are so GORGEOUS! So glad they made it through the rough weather. ~chris