Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Thank you cards Warning: picture heavy

Apparently even though I didn't think I was making cards I did quite a few but never blogged so forgive me if I have a ton of cards to post.  This is the way I keep track down the line of what I have done.  I won't go into too many descriptions but if anyone has questions I will be happy to answer.
Card one and two are made with gift wrap from some of my Christmas presents.  The sentiment is raised by using fun foam on one and just several layers on the other.
Card three is a shaker card.
Card four is just scraps from Christmas cards.
Card five is a file from Birds blog.
Card six is my take on That folder that was making the rounds not long ago and is/was very, very popular but also expensive as there were several folders with different backgrounds and I thought I could duplicate it fairly close with my own folders.
Card seven is a thank you to my surgeon and anesthesiologist who did my pacemaker in January.
That's it for now but sorry there will be several more posts like this.

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Beth Norman said...

What a lovely set of cards. There are so many nice Christmas wrapping papers that I"d just love to use on a card. Thanks for the unique inspiration my friend.