Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Three remaining fun gifts

These are the remaining fun gifts I had made for Christmas.  They should be delivered by the time this is posted.  You who have read my other post regarding the book clock know the reason for late gifts.
I had to ask one of my neighbors if he could find me a Jack Daniels bottle as we don't drink.  The bottle is filled with hand soap and there is a pump that screws into the bottle.  This gift is for my grandson who has his own batchelor apartment. 
The next one is a bean bag football.  It is filled with wheat and can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer.  This one is for my younger grandson who plays amazing football.
The third one is an apron cut from a mans shirt.  Such an easy project.  My youngest granddaughter loves aprons and cooking and lots of bright colors.  If you click on the picture you will see that the hems along the sides have little fish all along the hem.  Just one of the fancy stitches on my  old machine.  If anyone wants the pattern instructions I can send them.  Just send me your email address in the comment section.
Have a Blessed day.


kathi17 said...

Beautiful Gifts Myrna, I don't drink either, so it would be difficult to find any kind of booze bottle!

All the gifts are really cute and imaginative, but the soap in the bottle for a bachelor pad is really neat!

Jani Lewis said...

Great presents. I am sure they liked the gifts.

Jackie said...

Brilliant fun presents, very innovative :o)
Jackie xx

Bonnie Weiss said...

You have just won the title of the 'coolest grandmother'! Your grandkids must have loved the gifts.

Juliet A said...

These are all brilliant! I might have to make that apron myself!

Gail said...

What great & imaginative projects you've done!

Beth Norman said...

These gifts are so unique and original. I love them all. I'll bet the receipients were thrilled.

Chrissys for Cards said...

Many apologies Myrna but blogger removed you from my blog list. I wondered why I had not seen any of your posts. So tonight I thought I would log on to your site to see whether you had posted. So I am now working backwards through your posts xxx

Tracy said...

These gifts are lovely.
I love that they are so personalized.
I have to say I love the Jack Daniels hand soap. I am not a drinker either, but I can see these as big sellers in the stores.
You asked about my wild rice soup recipe. I don't have your email so I will just send you the link to my post on it :) http://tracystreasures-tracy.blogspot.ca/2014/01/december-daily-23-25-and-soup-recipe.html