Friday, June 14, 2013

Camera card

I have a blogging friend who does wonderful picture taking so I thought this would be an appropriate card for him.  His name isn't Michael as it says but I wanted to show where the sentiment could go.
My pictures aren't very clear but the second pic is to try and show you the bellows in front.   Inside the card there are pockets for pictures or whatever. 
If you really want to see how it looks and how to do it here is the link.
Have a Blessed day.


Chrissys4Cards said...

How clever brilliant

kathi17 said...

Very cute Myrna, it's a wonderful and creative card for a photographer!

Gail said...

Very clever!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I'm sooo loving this and went to the link you left to see how it was done. I hope I can find the time to case.

Spyder said...

Never made a camera card, I'll have to have a go!!

PapaSue said...

great find, off to get me one, she has construction details.

Thank you!