Thursday, September 27, 2012

What happens when you lose something????

Warning!!!! Photo heavy blog
There is nothing good to be said about trying to clean up a craft room
I now know where my blank blank quilling stuff is-----in the Christmas box!!!! What was it doing there? and no, there will be no quilling for awhile. lol
Just saying
In the search for my quilling supplies I decided to clean up the craft room.  I even brought in a 6 foot folding table to sort things on !!  When that got full the floor became the next best solution.  The shelves are done.   To the right of them is my desk which I need to clear to work on. 

When it is sorted and put away I will post again.  Pretty soon I am hoping to get at some cards.  (I know that I keep saying that and I don't actually get at it). 

Have a Blessed day.


Betty Benton said...

Looks like you're in the mood for organizing! I got my desk cleaned off recently but's totally cluttered again!! Glad you found your quilling supplies!

Audrey Frelx said...

Your room still looks neat and orderly compared to mine; I'm too embarrassed to even attempt to post mine for public view. I even try to hide it from family and friends... lol!

Hugs, friend!

Juliet A said...

No! Don't clean! You won't be able to make good cards without the POTD!

Gail said...

hahaha, I'll take a pic of my desk......of course I haven't lost anything yet, but in between stuff for challenges, I've been making Halloween cards, so there's quite a mish mash!
Glad you found your quilling stuff!

Dr Sonia S V said...

He He He you are so funny Myrna--I go hunting like this many a times too!!