Friday, April 15, 2011

Second Post today-what's in your inbox

This is my Shadow. I mean that literally. Wherever I am, she is. This is a pic of part of my desk. She has her own little box behind my screen so she can look out the window, when she isn't sitting in the inbox. You can see part of her white box to the left of the speaker. There is a curtain as well but she needed it moved to be able to look She will soon be 20 years old and she is getting frail as only an old lady can be. She used to be pure black with not a trace of white except for 3 little hairs on her neck. Now she has a huge white strip down her tail, much like a little skunk and lots of white all through her coat. If you click on the pic you can see a little bit of her striped tail. This pic was taken at night so the view from her window is dark.
So thanks for stopping by even though there are no cards. I am hoping soon to have a couple to post.
Have a Blessed day.


Gail said...

Great pic, and your desk is much too tidy!

Curt in Carmel said...

What a sweet girl she is. . .20 years old! Wow that is incredible. I sure with my boys could live to be that old. Our babies are such wonderful companions for us aren't they? I do hope you are alright. Best, Curt

Beth Norman said...

It's so nice to have a special companion. How cute she is.

Bee Burg said...

I hope she helps you with your designs... It is nice to have a feline companion when you scrap, until they put cat hair all over your projects, LOL... ;-)

Beth said...

Fabulous picture Myrna we lost our Bugsy a few months back sure miss him.