Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Claus


Mr. and Mrs. Claus are beginning to show their age.

Some 40 years ago when my daughter was only 2 we lived in a rather isolated spot and with not much else to do I decided to make some Christmas decorations with what I had on hand.
The base of Mr. and Mrs. Claus is made from old Reader's Digest magazines (they were much thicker in those days). Folded and spray painted red.
Their arms were made of felt, as were their hats and stuffed with cotton.
The leather mitts were just glued together and stuffed with more cotton.
The wire spectacles were fashioned by my father from old wire.
The lace on Mrs. Claus dress came from an old wedding dress.
Over the years they have both lost their leather boots, but they have travelled many miles and have seen several new homes in different provinces.
Hope you like my little trip to the past.
Have a Blessed day.

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Beth said...

Oh Myrna this are gorgeous even if you do say there a little worn you are very talented my friend.